The future of pharmacy model is here

We are a new pharmacy network formed by pharmacists that is not your traditional pharmacy buying group.

Pocket Health aims to provide pharmacies with the tools and processes to be ready for the digital age. We aim to bring simplified healthcare and health to patient’s door at a touch of a button. We have partnered with a number of prescribers for digital health and e-prescribing. With our unique technology and software, you will be able to access a new channel of customers by receiving digital prescriptions, dispense and deliver it to customers.

Our Services and Your Benefits

We are always online to help you

Effective online and offline marketing tools

Exclusive Services and more

Enriching the future of pharmacy model

The focus of our tailored solutions is not to simply be the exact same as another buying group, but rather our focus will be increasing traffic and bring new channel of customers to help boost your pharmacy’s bottom line.

Join Pocket Health and experience high volume of buying power, a whole new level of effective online marketing with on-demand delivery service for your pharmacy business.

Membership Options

We have three different tiered memberships. Each tier membership covers different level of benefits so you can compare and choose a right one based on your need.